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Monday, 26. September 2016


BIOS-Chips - Sale and Programming - BIOS-Updates - BIOS-Recovery - BIOS-Repair


BIOS-Update freezes PC?

My BIOS-Flash-Service can help to solve most of all your BIOS problems:

  • Sale of new BIOS-Chips, programmed with your favorite BIOS update version.
  • Extremely low prices, fast delivery, and the best service you can get.
  • Programming of your old BIOS-Chips.
  • Sale of Extraction tools for BIOS-Chips (PLCC-Extractors / DIL-DIP-Extractors), CMOS-Batteries, Anti-Static-Sets, Sockets (PLCC-32 / DIL-32), etc.




Any questions before buying?

Feel free to write me an E-Mail to describe the problem. The BIOS-Forum can also be very helpful to solve problems.

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* Excluding value added tax in accordance with 19 UStG, German law for small business. All prices in EURO plus Shipment costs.
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